Sunday, March 20, 2011

King's Park at the Rachel Browne Studio

Daniel Thau-Eleff's KING'S PARK opened Thursday night for a 10 day run. Produced by his own MOVING TARGET THEATRE, the play was apparently originally commissioned by the Manitoba Theatre Centre.

A psychiatrist returns to therapy when a mid-life health crisis forces him to confront the demons of his very troubled childhood. The script is an elegant, subtle and moving exploration of the nuances of the therapeutic relationship, replete with mirroring, transference and shifting boundaries.

The structurally complex play is sensitively and beautifully performed by Eric Blais and Harry Nelken who create not only patient and analyst but the key figures in the patient's life, including his wife and his father. In the extremely skilled hands of director Chris Gerald-Pinker the layered relationships are elucidated with great intelligence and delicacy.

The set and lighting by Joe Kalturnyk and Steven Hunnie respectively are simple but effective.

This is not a straightforward narrative, but your careful attention will be well rewarded by one of the most interesting nights at the theatre you're likely to have this season.

This is a fine production.
Highly recommended.

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